Sycamore Gap

Comment Finished date started 3rd Aug 2023
This month the challenge is to paint a reference without the usual realism, the reference is a tree in a landscape (a famous one). I will try a couple of different styles and techniques. Media Acrylic
Canvas No brand
Size each is 20 x 20 cm 
Reference Different strokes forum challenge August 2023
My post posted in the same thread on the 21st Aug

Collage of all attempts

First I wanted to test acrylic pouring, this was my first attempt before it dried. The ground is done with a swipe and the tree I blew at with a straw. This is described here in more detail.

Once it dried it looked very  different, the silicone in the black colour kept moving the paint while it dried.

Next I explored the style of Gustav Klimt

And then I tried impressionism (and I loved it)

All of them was done with an underpainting

And then I created an abstract(abstraction) using an Liquitex acrylic marker. This one did not have an underpainting.

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Mona Pihl