Music inspired painting

Comment Finished date 2024-02-29
The prompt was to listen to instrumental music and let that inspire a painting. I really tried to listen to classical music and paint, it did not change anything in how I paint and I had to turn it off. That resulted in the moth painting.

Then I listened to the instrumental version of Avicii's Levels on repeat and created this. The background was initially yellow, but when I was getting close to finish, I added drips to the entire top of the painting using my pouring paints - and created mud. After the painting dried, I used my Liquitex markers to brighten the painting a bit.
Media Acrylic paint and Liquitex acrylic markers
Canvas No brand
Size 30 x 30 cm 
Reference Different strokes February 2024
My post posted here and on instagram

Initial drawing

Mud stage

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Mona Pihl