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Different strokes in May referred us to an exhibition in Paris 1874, 150 years ago; the first Impressonist Exhibition.

The challenge is in three parts:
1. Recreate an artwork from the artists
(with or without modern twist)
2. Create our own impressionistic artwork
3. Recreate an artwork by August-Pierre Renoir (or in the style of)
Media Acrylic paint
Reference Different strokes May 2024
My post posted in the same thread after the 21st
  Instagram post - Berthe Morisot
  Instagram post - Pear
  Instagram post - P-A Renoir

1. One of the artists in the first impressionistic exhibition was Berthe Morisot. I decided to recreate her "Femme sa toilette" from 1875, on a linnen canvas 24x30 cm. I discovered that it is easier to recreate the style if I hold the brush far up the handle. Also Morisot did not believe in covering the entire canvas in paint, so I have left part of the canvas showing.



2. Before I re-created the Morisot, I tried out her style on a pear in the Foodpaintchallenge (20x20 canvas)


3. The next assignment was to paint a copy of a Pierre-Auguste Renoir painting or in his style. I chose a portrait of Jeanne Samary because of her eyes. I didn't really get the impressionistic style right, but painting this portrait gave me a lot of joy. Something I loved to read about Renoir was that he loved cats, and that his paint usually has cat hair in does mine.

This was painted in acrylic on a linnen canvas, size 24x30 cm

Close-up of the face

Other close-up


2. Then I tried again to do my own impressionistic painting based on a reference from the WDE (15 x 15 cm wood panel)


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Mona Pihl