Sculpting in the fall of 2014

In the fall of 2014 I returned to sculpting in clay. My previous works can be found here; 2011, 2012

2014-09-11 The first lady was done in one session, she is made from three kg of clay

2014-09-18 The second lady, reading her book was the same size as the first lady

2014-10-02 The third lady took two sessions to finish, she is made from four kg of clay and had to dry laying down

2014-10-09 In this session, the standing lady had some more work and I made a hat for the sitting lady

2014-10-16 I made two more hats for the ladies and a new lady on a swing. The first two ladies had been fired, I did't glaze them so they will be black as they clay became from firing.

2014-10-23 This session was all about the hats :-) The three gosts will be only be used as support when the hats are to be glazed


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