Pottery 2011

Starting in October of 2011 I'm taking a pottery class (other years can be found here; 2012, 2014). These are my results;

2011-09-12 First attempt at throwing in 25 years, unfired

2011-10-03 Faces at class start, unfired

2011-10-08 Sculptures done at home, unfired

2011-10-16 Sculptures done at home, unfired

2011-10-17 Thrown pot from the 10th decorated with willow leafs, unfired

2011-10-23 Sculptures done at home, unfired

2011-10-24 Pottery class, unfired

2011-10-30 Gingerbread house, unfired (I removed the base after this picture)

2011-10-31 Pottery class - throwing again :-), unfired

From the 24th Aug, fired

After class and later in the week...


2011-12-02 Picked up the glazed stuff :-)

Some close-ups

Hunting trophies for my cat...

2011-12 Second batch of glazed pottery

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  Mona Pihl