Miniature painting

My husband has several 3D printers, both resin and filament. The filament printer was used to print the hedgehog feeder as well as the Titanic purse. This page is more about the miniatures that can be printed in great detail using the resin printer.

After they are printed you have to clean out the supports, it is a lot of work and you have to be careful, but I really like doing that.

I have played Pokemon GO since it launched in 2016, so I have had several pokemon printed for me, this is some of them.

One of the first was a Lucario that is about 15 cm high.

Some more pokemon, do you know them?

These are some articulated pokemon (they can move, and are printed in one piece). About 13-15 cm long.

I have also painted some 4 cm Darth Vaders that we used as prizes at work when we had an event on May the 4th....

But the most effort has been put into the miniatures that we use when we play Dungeons and Dragons.

This is my druid Luna, she is 10 cm tall excluding the base. The mini version is 22 mm.

This is Mort the Fighter, he is 17 cm tall excluding base. He has a removable sword on his back. The mini version is 50 mm (and a bit to big).

This is Mort the Wizard, he is 15 cm excluding base. The mini version is 25 mm.

All of them together

This is a filament print of the Weasley house from Harry Potter to finish this page of. It is about 20 cm high.


  Mona Pihl