Sunset tree

Comment Finished date 2023-09-05
This week I needed a simple subject as I also was participating in the Louise Fletcher - Find your joy taster course, to see what else I did, click here.

One of the lessons was to not use your ordinary tools for one painting, then learn from that an create a second painting with the same subject using any tools you like.

I decided to use palette knives to paint with, and I learnt that I liked what that did to a sunset background, so in the second painting I sed that for the background and then a brush for the tree. Both paintings had a gold underpainting.
Media Acrylic
Canvas No brand
Size 20 x 20 cm
Reference WDE230901
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This is the second painting where I used a brush for the tree, it took in total 1 hr 20 min to paint excluding drying time

This is the first painting where I just used palette knives

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Mona Pihl