Find your joy taster class 2023 - by Louise Fletcher

Description Date 2023-09-01 - 2023-09-16
A previous colleague of mine posted some interesting art on Facebook, so I asked her about it and it turned out she had joined Louise Fletcher - Find your joy taster course, as I'm always up for a challenge I joined as well. These are my results

Lesson one - going big for 30 minutes    
The first assignment was to take a large paper and tape it into 4-6 squares and then paint with; black, white and 3 preferred colours for 30 minutes ignoring the tape. Then remove the tape and look at what we created.

I really struggled with this one. I tried to paint abstract and just go with it, but I did not like the results. So I tried three times. I used A3 Liquitex canvas paper, and the tape tore it every time. I mixed acrylic paints straight from the tubes with my pre-mixed pouring paints.

First attempt, I didn't really ignore the tape

Second attempt, painting a motif

Third attempt, trying to go brighter


Lesson two - trying new things    
In this assignment we were to try something new when creating a painting; new tools, new colours but with a subject that we are used to. After the first painting we should paint the same subject again but learn from the first attempt and add that.

I decided to use palette knives to paint with, and I learnt that I liked what that did to a sunset background, so in the second painting I used that for the background and then a brush for the tree. Both paintings had a gold underpainting, I missed the part of using colours that I was not used to because I already switch up my colours quite a lot.

This is the first one using only palette knives, and then the second one using a brush for the tree. This is also a WDE, link.


Lesson three - ugly painting    
In this assignment we were to paint with the intent of creating an ugly painting - learning to love failure. I did this on Biltema A4 acrylic paper. First I painted the background brown and let it dry. Then I took what was left on my palette from another painting and smusched it in using a palette knife. The silver lacing is from when I pressed my palette (a plastic lid) with some leftover silver paint on it, directly to the paper. Then I removed the border of washi tape. I would never plan to do a painting like this, but it was kind of fun and there are some pretty parts in it.


Lesson four - following instructions    
This lessons was about how limitations can boost creativity. We got strict instructions to create at least four paintings using these steps:
1. Two brush marks, any size or shapes (three colours plus black and white
2. Two marks with another tool
3. Two lines in pencil
4. Two lines in ink (ink pen or ballpoint pen)
5. One charcoal mark
6. Glue on two collage items
7. Two more bush marks
8. One mark in oil pastel or crayon

Ok, these are the two first. Each A5 size. For the first one I used bubblewrap as the "other tool" and for the second I used a palette knife.

The last two


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