Tin thread embroidery with horsehair.
(på svenska tack)

Introduction Completed 2011-08-17

As a woman from the North of Sweden as well as someone who loves horses, I had this idea to combine the traditional samic tin thread embroidery with horsehair from the favourite horse.

Materials I bought my materials at PanduroHobby, but you can also find them at Luletråden.

My first and second attempt at Tin thread embroidery.

I drew a how-to, there is also an instruction at PanduroHobby

1. Measure your wrist.
    Cut some horsehair and three strands of tin thread in 1.5 times your wrist measurement.
    Cut a piece of leather that is your wrist measurement minus 5 mm long and 30 mm wide. Cut an opening 15 mm in from each end of the
    leather strip, tight enough to just get the braid through.
    Then cut a thin strip of leather, 14 cm long and 1-2 mm wide. This will then be twisted to make the loop.

2. Divide the horsehair into three strands, apply some glue to each ends of the strands. Horehair may be hard to braid, in order to make in
    easier to handle and to stay put I rubbed some schampoo into the strands.

3. Put the horsehair and tin thread in a clip and braid until finished.

4. Place a clip at the end of the braid (and possibly a drop of glue at each end) then gently rinse the shampoo out of the braid and let it

5. Spread a thin line of glue on the leather where the braid is going to be, add the braid and pull the ends through the openings. Let dry.

6. Sew the braid to the leather using a nylon thread. Every loop of the braid should be attached with at least one stitch.

7. Twirl the thin strip of leather until it coils up. Fold the coil in half and tie it tightly to the braid under the leather.

8. Fold the leather to hide the stitching under the braid, attack with some glue. One the glue has dried, sew the edges together using a
   strong thread in the same color as the leather.

9. Finish by sewing a button to the bracelet, traditionally it should be a button made out of raindeer antler.

My contribution to a PanduroHobby competition using a picture of my favourite horse; Trollkotten a North Swedish trotter.


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