Comment Finished date 2024-02-10
Lately I have a done a lot of linoprints. I am still learning and exploring materials to use. I have so far mostly printed on origami paper. This time I also tried to use regular uncoated kraft paper, and it worked really well. I used Golden Open acrylics as printing ink.

After printing I added white ink using the Uni-ball Signo pen.
Type of paint Golden open acrylics & white ink
Paper Kraft paper & origami paper
Size 15x15 cm
Reference WDE 240109(skull) & WDE240202(eagle)
WC Posted here and on Instagram

The finished print of the deer skull

The linocut

Before adding the ink

Testing another lino print ink from Sostrene Grene.

This eagle was in last weeks WDE. It is printed on origami paper, using Golden Open Acrylic and white ink pen.

Before the white ink

Mona Pihl