Wedding painting

Comment Finished date 2011-03-05

I took a "Paint like Monet"/Impressionism using acrylics at Helens Studio. My painting is based on one of our wedding photographs that has a Lord of the Ring feel to it. It took me a while to finish this one as it is to big to fit in my studio at home, so I mostly worked at it at Helens Studio.

It was supposed to be an impressionistic painting, but it ended up quite realistic. Well...that's just the way I am :-)

Type of paint Acrylic (Winsor & Newton, Liquitex, Daler-Rowney)
Canvas Premium Daler, Cotton, Medium Grain
Size 80 x 120 cm
Reference Our wedding photo by Stephan Berglund

2011-03-05, finished, big


Hanging in our living room


This was as far as I got in 2009, then the painting rested for two years.

2011-02-17, back in the studio

Crazy hairday

Finished painting

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