Comment Finished date 2023-08-10
Simson was my first cat. He was a black domestic short-haired cat. I got him at eight weeks old as a housewarming gift when I moved to my first house in 1995. He suckled on fur carpets as an adult since he was taken so early from his mother. He loved being chased by his people and sleeping on us when he was indoors. Outdoors he was a prolific hunter, he once brought a set of hare ears home, but mostly he chased mice.

Simson was killed by a car when he was 2 years old, I found him by the side of the road, it broke my heart and I vowed to never again have an outdoor cat - and I haven't.
Media Acrylic
Canvas No brand
Size 40 x 50 cm
Reference My photographs
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This is my portrait of Simson

Close-up of the eyes

Together with Bacchus and Ronja's portrait

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Mona Pihl