Comment Finished date 2023-07-28
It took a bit longer to finish Bacchus portrait than Ronja's, but I am very happy with it. This is a part of the series I'm painting of all our cats.

Bacchus is a brown tabby bicolour ragdoll male. He was a stud at his previous owner and have some offspring. He was neutered and moved in with me in 2014. Bacchus was born in September 2012, and is currently 10 years old and he sleeps next to my pillow every night. He is really shy, it takes a lot for him to trust a person.
Media Acrylic
Canvas No brand
Size 40 x 50 cm
Reference My photograph
My post Not posted

This is what I think is the finished verson of Bacchus portrait.

Close-up of the face

I also got Bacchus to pose in front of his portrait


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Mona Pihl