The scared pig

Comment Finished date 2023-05-19
This painting started as a conversation with a friend over a cup of coffe.

- So, you would like a painting of a pig?
- Yes, and it is being chased by a lion!
- Oh, ok. And then what happens?
- There is a giraffe!
- Ok, does the pig climb up the neck of the giraffe to save itself?
- Yes, it does!
- And then the lion tries to get the pig down from the giraffe?
- Correct!
- Yes, I can see it!
Media Acrylic
Canvas No brand
Size 30 x 60 cm
Reference None
My post Not posted

There is a bit of gold in the painting that can be seen in certain angles. This was also before I varnished it.



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Mona Pihl