Pet Portrait Exchange

Start date: 2010-08-07
Project Leader
: Just Chaos
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When Jean started a pet portrait exchange the temptation was just to great to resist, even with the staggering prospect of painting 29 pet portraits. It will take me a while though. For this project, all of the participants have posted pictures of their pets. I then select a pet from each of the participants, paint it and send the painting to the pet owner. By the end of this I will have a big collection of portraits of our cats.

These are all ATC size, on Langton CP paper and painted with Winsor & Newton watercolors and ink.

If you are a participant of this project, don't scroll down any further unless you already have recieved your card. I post the paintings here as soon as they are done and yours might be on it's way to you. If you click on the recipient name, you can see what they sent to me.

Title: Puss Sent to: AnimalDoctor in the UK Title: Droid Sent to: Just Chaos in the US
Title: Dolly Sent to: Geminisinger in the US Title: Friday  Sent to: Jeanne in the US
Title: Jack Sent to: BlueMoonStar in the US Title: Wil Sent to: PurplePei in Australia
Title: Belle Sent to: RubyRedDog in the US Title: Brin  Sent to: RainySea in the US
Title: Bella Sent to: TaniaBee in South Africa Title: Quecee Sent to: Brezart in the US
Title: Kola Sent to: Arnica in the US Title: Maggie Sent to: Bigs in Australia

Title: Victor Sent to: Anviss in Belgium

Title: Clawdette  Sent to: KerryOriginals in the US Title: Tillie  Sent to: Lonelm in the US
Title: Poppy  Sent to: Marmsk in Spain Title: Sushi Sent to: Colorfur Critters in the US Title: Anna Sent to: Rmbuckeye in the US
Title: Codi  Sent to: Artastic in Canada Title: Marigold Sent to: SwampDonk in the US

Title: Splash Sent to: Marda in the US

Title: Abbey  Sent to: KittieRue in the US Title: Gateway  Sent to: ArbySD in the US Title: Birch  Sent to: AlaskaBoers in the US
Title: Ari  Sent to: Robert Sloan in the US Title: O'Malley  Sent to: MayDayBlue Title: Trollkotten  Not sent

I also did portraits of our own pets

Title: Sandy  Our pet Title: Eliza  Our pet
Title: Peleus Our pet

Mona Pihl