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Start date: 2010-05-23
Project Leader
: JustChaos
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This was my third project. The challenge this time was to use only primary colors. I used Winsor & Newton; Winsor Lemon, Winsor Blue (Red Shade) and Permanent Rose. All the other colors I mixed.

I chose to make this a real challenge and painted wild birds that you may find in Sweden. I have always been fascinated with birds. When I was a child I memorised a book about the different species of birds in Sweden.

These were painted on Langton watercolor paper, each painting being of ATC size (2,5 x 3,5 inch) size. I used a size 6 and a size 0000 brush, some of these birds have some really tiny details. :-)

Title: King Eider Sent to: not sent Title: Great Creasted Grebe  Sent to: not sent
Title: European Robin Sent to: ArbySD Title: Eurasian Bullfinch  Sent to: not sent

Title: Black Grouse Sent to: Deadrya

Title: Western Capercaille  Sent to: SandyBells
Title: Blue Throat  Sent to: Dkechnie Title: European Goldfinch  Sent to: Etosha
Title: Eurasian Jay  Sent to: Jeanne Title: Eurasian Pygmy Owl  Sent to: Marmsk
Title: White-winged Crossbill  Sent to: Diane Cutter Title: Eurasian Nuthatch  Sent to: PhotoMC
Title: Common Kingfisher  Sent to: IrishRose
Title: Blue Tit 
Sent to:
Title: Bohemian Waxwing
Sent to:
Title: Great Tit 
Sent to:
Title: Brambling 
Sent to:
Title: Chaffinch 
Sent to:
Title: Goldcrest 
Sent to:
Title: Yellowhammer 
Sent to:
Title: Common Phea 
Sent to:
Title: Northern Lapwing
Sent to:
not sent
  Title: Eurasian Green Woodpecker 
Sent to:

Mona Pihl