Alternate Art Card Exchange

Start date: 2009-11-21 (duration six months) 
Project Leader
: Just Chaos
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This it my first project, but most likely not my last.

The purpose of this project is for all the participants will create something for each of the participants in ATC size not using their regular techniques (for me that rules out watercolor and acrylics). We then send the ATCs to each other all over the world.

I have decided to do needlefelting, something that I originally tried in 2007 and still have the tools for. I tested it out on the 4th December WDE, this is my thread as well as the gallery. These are all my needlefelts and where they were sent.

Title: Landscape from the 4th Dec WDE  Sent to: not sent

Title: Goldie from the 4th Dec WDE Sent to: Signchick in USA
Title: Sunset  Sent to: AlainJ in Canada Title: Sailboat in Sunset  Sent to: Signchick in USA
Title: Chaos  Sent to: Just Chaos in USA Title: Bozo  Sent to: "J" in USA
Title: Peacock  Sent to: JoanT in USA Title: Dolphin  Sent to: Bigs in Australia
Title: Apple  Sent to: Artistic in Canada Title: Strawberry  Sent to: JustJean in Canada
Title: Cinnamon roll  Sent to: WhiteSummer in USA Title: Rose  Sent to: SkattyKat in France
Title: Sheep  Sent to: RobertS in USA Title: Dalahäst  Sent to: RubyRedDog in USA
Title: Eye of the Tiger  Sent to: Kitty69 in The Netherlands Title: Cherry  Sent to: not sent
Title: Pigeon  Sent to: not sent Title: Sailboat  Sent to: not sent
Title: Cherry Blossoms 
Sent to:
Dkechnie in Canada
Title: Tree  Sent to: not sent Title: Igloo  Sent to: not sent
Title: Cupcake  Sent to: Focus06 in Canada Title: Pear  Sent to: Wildgoose in Canada Title: Lollipop  Sent to: not sent
  Title: Greetings from across the Globe 
Sent to:
Bluefrog in Australia

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